New Patient:

Thank you for choosing or considering Cattail River. Before your first visit please print and fill out the following information.

Please click here to access your forms to
fill out before you arrive at our office.

Directions to office are included in the Contact Us section.

General Information for New Patients:

  • If this is your first visit to the office please arrive about 15 min. early to sign and fill out the necessary paper work. We follow federal guidelines about patient privacy ('HIPAA'). As a result there is extra paper work to fill out. Your privacy is important.
  • If you have copies of your blood work, xray report, xray films, pathology reports please bring them with you for your first visit. (we can view CD, and DVD copies of films in this office)
  • Please bring a list of current medications. This should include perscription drugs, over the counter medications and herbal medications.
  • If you have a Living Will we could also keep a copy on file.
  • If you speak a foreign language please bring a translator.
  • New appointments for some medical problems can be complex and may last more then an hour. This depends on the problem.
  • We are Wheel chair accessable.
  • We use a telephone answering system, so please listen to all choices. For true medical emergencies pressing the proper key will expidite the call.

Office Policies:

  • Appointments are generally kept on time, occasionally there can be delays for many reasons. For the most part we keep on schedule. We feel that your time is also special.
  • Missed Appointments. Missing more than three appointments will result in a request for a patient to seek another care provider.
  • Perscription refills: Will take three to five working days. If your insurance company requires precertification, then an appointment will be needed to make sure the paper work is done properly. All requests for refills are not automatically filled, they are reviewed. Some medications will require office visits before a perscription can be refilled. Refills are always subject to policies established by the FDA, DEA and your insurance company.
  • Copies of Charts: Will require seven working days. Costs for copying of medical records will be based on standards established by the State of Maryland.
  • Copies of charts will not be released to patient or third parties with out signed written release.
  • Copayments are due at the time of office visit (This is mandated by insurance companies).
  • Referrals are required at the time of first visit (This applies to some insurance companies, and is the patient's responsibility to obtain. If a patient is seen without a referral and if they are required by the insurance company then by most insurance company rules the patient is responsible for the service).
  • It is the patients responsibility to know the terms and policies of their individual insurance contracts.
  • For some special circumstances services are provided outside the routine services that are specified by insurance companies. For example copies of charts, prolonged phone calls, and requests for perscription authorizations to cite a few. The patient will be responsible for these services. Keep in mind that insurance companies usually only cover services that involve face to face contact with a health care provider. When in doubt make an appointment.
  • Letters, requests for pre-authorizations, and perscriptions authorizations will require an appointment so that the forms are filled out properly.


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